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History of windowzoo

Windowzoo started as my little streetart project.

I have been active in the graffiti scene for many years. However I never had enough money for cans. Getting better in painting was hard, so instead I kept on sketching in blackbooks - when I finally started earning enough to buy cans, I felt that the traditional bombing and painting had seen its day. Like many others I went into new directions, did lots of computer arts, started experimenting with stencils.

The destructive nature of many streetart disciplines kept bothering me though. Admiring the things people were building - both old and new - I never understood how anyone trying to transport a message could tag stonewalls or plaster the city with ugly or boring stickers. The intrusive nature of streetart might be good to provoke reactions and to trigger thought, but I kept wondering if it were possible to do streetart, that was neither destructive nor obstructive. I started looking for a way to make streetart only visible to few, all the while transporting an idea. In comparison to the stuff that you immediately spot because it sucks, this way the art would remain exhibited longer and thus it would also talk longer.

From these thoughts that the birds slowly emerged. They are fresh. The medium is glass. The shapes allow blending in a normal environment, most people don't even see them and those who do keep having fun searching for them, because they are rarely taken away. If they are - on the other hand, they leave no trace. So the whole approach is more subtle. And of course I love the elfish joy when spotting a bird someone has put up...uhh no - actually the birds are meant to keep living ones from hitting the windows...


Where are the birds?

The birds are migrating all over the planet. Click on the map icon below to see where they are flying.

Bird gallery

Free the birds! Click on the gallery icon below to see the birds that were set free up to now.