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Happy Birthday - enjoy freedom!

It has been one year ago that the first pictures of birds were published here on this site. Windowzoo has grown beyond all our expectations and we are moving forward and continue spreading the message of freedom across our little planet. In the meantime birds are flying on every continent and more than forty (40) artists have created their own birds!! The project has made installations in exhibitions, done visuals for bands, participated in auctions to raise money for imprisoned graffiti artists... CEO's of multinational companies as well as seven year old kids have set birds free. A workshop was held in Jerusalem!! The wings are spreading - who know where we will fly? But most importantly windowzoo meant loads of fun for us, the community of artists behind the project and hopefully for you!!! It's the first birthday of our communityart project - enjoy freedom!
But see for yourself or check out the birds or the history to see what happened lately.

enjoy freedom!

Golden Gate Highway, San Francisco, USA

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